Systematic Risk Simulator


Systematic Risk Treatment

The ability to put out a burning fire is what makes someone famous, but the skill to prevent a fire in the first place is what constitutes real benefits for any organization.
Our systematic risk treatment training products provide the learner with distinct experiential learning challenges on how to perform a risk assessment and to create a risk treatment action plan in a systematic, consistent, and practical approach.
We provide learning formats that can blend into an existing transformation initiative or form a separate program to implement operational risk treatment competence.
All our products aim for improvement and not perfection. We believe that, like in sports, the right technique, repetition, and coaching yields measurable results.
Our 5 Step approach facilitates FLOW by providing just the right guidance for learners to experience the consequences of good and impaired quality of information - leading to an improved understanding and performance on which logical milestones one needs to reach.



We believe in Skill Development with a clear purpose.
That´s why we design each of our products with such a purpose in mind. Whether it is to implement a basic understanding of how to apply systematic risk treatment or improve performance in a specific area - there is always a goal. Here are examples of outcomes:
Logical steps of risk assessment & treatment to prepare an action plan to protect a task
Milestones in risk assessment & treatment
Assessing the task
Identifying potential problems
Generating likely causes and options for prevention and mitigation
Creating an action plan
How to present a risk treatment plan
Structured documentation


team-based training (tbt)
Collaboration, team effectiveness, and the need to communicate make TBT courses the best choice for organizations looking for measurable, tangible outcomes from training.
Small teams of 3-4 members work on various interactive exercises designed to reflect challenges experienced in real-life work environments. The relevance paired with emotions and frequent reflection form an unparalleled training experience.
TBT courses are available for audiences of 8-20 participants and have a modular set-up with 9 hours activity duration per module. Larger audiences are possible with multiple instructors.
self-paced online training
Many organizations have implemented learning catalogs and continuous learning principles as part of defined learning paths or self-organized learning.
Our self-paced online training format is an excellent way for individuals to obtain entry-level skills in specific areas.
These 90-120 min learning sessions are interactive and informative through a mix of media and active engagement of the learner with the topic. Perfect to be added to a learning path or a portfolio of skills to be obtained.
Accessed with individual credits or through (optional) integration in your learning platform course catalog via Single-Sign-On (SSO) - individual learning is supported.
And when the individual learner has completed the foundation level - why not considering adding a focus on collaboration and team-based application in one of the Team-Based formats as a next step?


We deliver
Sim4People and our partners offer compelling training packages and solutions to meet your training needs.
You can decide - based on your skill development initiative's scope and preferences - if you prefer external competence and routine over the development of internal resources. External trainers tend to bring a broader perspective and a wider variety of examples from different areas to the table.
We will make every effort to ensure the best possible fit of trainer personality and experience with your needs.
you deliver
Maximize your flexibility and build internal competence holders with our Train-The-Trainer offering in combination with training credits.
Various Train-The-Trainer formats ensure that your internal trainer candidates gain the capabilities and confidence to deliver the skill development products you need for your organization. Only one course or the full portfolio - you have the choice, and we can even add new courses with an upgrade of your trainers when you see the need later.
Once you have added qualified trainers to your organization, you can benefit from our training credit approach. Each training credit allows you to order access to the Sim4People training platform for two teams per credit - giving you the flexibility to run a course with min. 6 participants. Every additional credit will add two more teams to the event.
What if you realize that daily business got in the way of a scheduled course? Just cancel your session in the online order interface, and the credits go back to your account immediately(*).
* our fair price policy ensures that credits ordered for a scheduled course are modifiable until the first participant team is logging into the training platform.


The virtual classroom format is the first choice for those organizations looking for compelling, interactive, and engaging skill development for audiences in different locations.
Teams in different geographies or individuals working in home-office - virtual classroom provides participants with an effective learning experience.
Sim4People skill development products are fully digital by design and are perfect for online learning experiences. Streamed Video content, in-system documentation, 3D models, and interactive content presentation are just a few highlights that make our products unique in the market.
What does it need to deliver skill development in virtual classroom format? Just a standard online meeting solution like Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, or Zoom and the ability to access our training platform with a modern internet browser including video streaming.
We recommend delivering virtual classroom sessions in 2-3 segments of 3-4,5 hours within a week.
Benefit from the dynamic nature of a fully digital solution in a classic classroom environment.
Minimum one Laptop / PC with an internet connection per team is required, but you can also choose to have every participant in a team use his/her device.
Each team of 3-5 participants collaborates to analyze and solve the technical challenges presented in the digital learning environment - with the instructor ensuring that progress happens.
Are you looking for a hybrid format with some physical classroom teams and some remote teams in the same training? The digital design allows for this, too.
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